There is a lot of dentistry that needs to be done in this community. It has  to be of excellent quality

and it has to be done for the right reason in a safe and caring environment. Our philosophy supports

these principles and we go to great effort to insure our patients' experience with us is supported with these assurances.


The ultimate goal of tying fees to services in this practice is to allow everyone to win. Our employees,

patients, vendors, community and owners should feel rewarded. Since our patients fund operations,

it is paramount we provide the best service value without compromising quality.

This guides us in establishing our fees.


Being community oriented makes us very sensitive to the affordability of our services.

We know a lot of dentistry is not completed because of the burden it places on a family's limited funds.

 Happily, we are masters at finding ways to allow our patients to achieve dental health

that fits within the typical family's budget, especially if a dental benefit plan exists.

It is our passion that everyone who seeks our services can afford them.

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